Why we love the R Series Fiberglass Pools from River Pools & Spa

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The R Series

The R Series features ample seating areas, a vast pool interior, and sleek clean lines. It's considered by many to be the most well-balanced rectangular pool available.

Some great benefits from the R Series are:

  • 1. Shallow End Bench Seat
    Relax in style with this generous seating area and enjoy a great space for the entire family to relax together. Add optional spa jets for the ultimate therapeutic experience.
  • 2. Cascading Pool Stairs
    The wedding cake style steps of the R Series are specially designed for easy entry and exiting of the pool.
  • 3. Textured Pool Steps, Ledge, and Floor
    With your safety in mind, all R Series pools have hand-crafted, non-skid texture integrated into the surfaces of the ledge, steps, and pool floor.
  • 4. Open Pool Interior
    Want plenty of room to float and play games? The rectangular design of the R Series provides ample room for all of your pool activities.
  • 5. Deep End Bench Seats
    Want to take a break from the action and hang out with some friends? These seating areas, while tucked away in corners, are properly sized to accommodate multiple people.
  • 6. Automatic Cover Friendly
    The rectangular design of the R Series allows cover tracks to be hidden beneath the pool coping, protecting them and keeping them out of sight.